Nick Animation 25 Vine project


Nick animation 25 Vine project.

Nickelodeon contacted us to contribute to their Vine project to celebrate Nickelodeons 25th year of making amazing programming. We could choose from a multitude of shows in their back catalogue, however Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hey Arnold were the inevitable choices.


Progression Reel for Turtles assemble


Character design for Turtles assemble

Background design

Progression Reel for Hey Arnold

Character designs for Hey Arnold

Credits for Hey Arnold
Directed By: Tim McCourt and Max Taylor
Design: Tim McCourt
Animation: Tim McCourt and Loris Pernaut
Compositor: Max Taylor

Credits for Turtles Assemble
Design Backgrounds and Animation:Wesley Louis
Shadow Highlight and Background Animation: Loris Pernaut
Compositor: Max Taylor
Music and Sound Design: Jonathan Hylander