NCA - A Hack Too Far

We were asked to create this film for the National Crime Agency depicting a dark and funny tale of Great Britain being sent into chaos due to an irresponsible young hacker.


Production company THE LINE

Directed by Tim McCourt & James Duveen

Storyboards by Tim McCourt & Sam Taylor

Produced by Sam Taylor

Designed by Bernie Machado

Layouts and Background designs by Leila Courtillon

Animation by Giovanni Braggio,  Marcel Tigchelaar

Clean up and Colour by Francisco Magalhaes, Yu knifeson, Amix Film Studio

Additional animation and clean up by Venla Linna

Compositing by Freddy Lewis Wall,  Deborah Ho, Mathew Dellabe  

Sound by Envy Post

Music by Box of Toys box

Agency Latimer Group

Creative Robbie Kilgour

Written by Robbie Kilgour

Produced by